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In this section we will share with you the things clients are talking about, to help keep you up to date and identify opportunities:-

1Small Business CGT exemption. Building their business has been recognized by the Federal Government as many peoples Superannuation and retirement plan, so they took the tax off it! Brilliant.
2Mergers and Succession planning. With the hard working Baby Boomer generation looking to wind down, they are looking for worthy young people to carry on their legacy. Creating big opportunities for young business people.
3Superannuation is generating 3 topics – getting best tax and fee outcomes, achieving good returns along the way and this new fashion of gearing inside your fund. Some good strategies exist and are worth investigating.
4Reducing accounting and bookkeeping fees by using new technologies
5Cashflow - during good times it doesn’t get a lot of attention but my word it’s a hot topic right now, ask us for ideas.
6ATO targets - as they are kind enough to publish their yearly priorities, its easy to find out who the ATO have in their sights. Currently Self managed super funds and property expenses are on that radar.

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