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Being in business is signing up for a rollercoaster ride of good weeks and bad. Over time your focus is dragged from one issue to another and are you ever really sure anymore whether the you are doing the most important things.  Or just your heavy feet as you arrive at work need a big lift?

Fresh Energy is our consulting service that simply begins with a diagnostic of you and your business. Once the issues are identified we are onto the solutions. And perhaps sometimes you need us to help implement those solutions.

Any topic is open to discussion but could revolve around profit, cashflow, your enthusiasm, succession, team building and business direction.  Whatever that is perhaps weighing you down a bit.


BAM! Consultants are experienced businesspeople who love providing fresh energy and great ideas to existing or start up businesses. We match the BAM! consultant with the best background in your main issues or industry to provide some fresh thinking and opportunity.

Our Fresh Energy Fees are just the same as BAM!s simple hourly rate. 

Money Back Guarantee - If we do not add value and energy to your future, we do not expect any reward.

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