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Our Difference

BAM! Accounting evolved in February 2009 as a partnership drawn together initially to continue the practice of the retiring John Mascarenhas. John has been diligently serving the accounting needs of local clients since 1973.

We came together to run BAM! because we knew we could make a real difference to a client’s experience
with their accounting relationship. We know that it
is impossible to offer great advice to anyone when you don’t know where they are trying to get to. 

We  demonstrate our difference by :–

  •   Asking questions and listening attentively
  •   Being interested in knowing our client as a person
  •   Returning phone calls same day
  •   Dedicated Client Service Manager for prompt responses
  •   Monthly emails with tax or investment tips
  •   Team strategy meetings to discuss the needs of clients
  •   Devising plans for the future so our clients reach their goals
  •   Cooperating with your Other Professionals to produce a coordinated strategy for your business
We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our difference to you.

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